Learning to play an instrument, I believe, is one of the most gratifying experiences you can have. The drums are a particularly interesting challenge - training your body to do different things at the same time but in perfect unison is not easy at first, but when it suddenly clicks and you can do it, the sense of achievement is huge. There aren't many instruments that encourage you to hit them and make a massive noise - and playing drums is even good for your fitness! Training yourself to have good "meter" and co-ordination also gives you a huge head start when learning other instruments.

I teach drummers of all ages and all ability levels.

I offer the following teaching and coaching services for a fee of £30 per hour, or £20 per half hour.

I can travel to you, or you are welcome to visit me at my studio space 15 miles North of Oxford. A modest travel expense can be arranged if you are further than 15 miles from central Oxford.

Whilst an organised and structured approach to music education is essential, I generally have a "non-theory" approach to teaching drums - I believe that transcribed sheet music, whilst very useful for conveying beats, fills, paterns and mapping songs, it can be a distraction from the "feel" and the sixth-sense- musicality a drummer needs as an accompanying musician. 

I can take a pupil through the Rockschool grade system if they require, but my default method is to teach real-world drum kit playing for live gigs and recording in the studio.


Having started at an early age, I believe that you are never too young (or too old) to start playing the drums - as long as you can reach the pedals!

Starting with basic beats, getting everything moving at the same time, basic rudiments and fills, you'll be playing some nice sounding grooves a lot sooner than you might think.

Maybe playing  drums is something you've always wanted to do? Or maybe you just want to try a couple of lessons to see how you get on? 

Please get in touch and we can discuss you requirements.


If you are already past the basics of rudiments, technique and co-ordination, then I can help you advance by looking at styles, genres, phrasing, further technique and building up a vocabulary of rhythms, beats, fills and grooves.

I encourage pupils to point me to music which they like, or even bring/send me recordings of specific beats or fills from songs that they want to learn. I can work out how something is played and then teach it to you.


Education for advanced players I prefer to call "coaching" - once you reach a certain "ability level" it becomes subjective - but it can be very beneficial to have someone watch you play and suggest ways in which you can hone your skills. Posture, alternative techniques and general musicianship are things we never stop learning about and improving.

With my recording facility I can also put you under "red light" conditions - very useful practice and a great way to analyse your playing, groove and quantise on-screen afterwards.


If you are a drummer (or not!) who is interested in the process of recording and producing drums then I can help.

Recording drums can be a very frustrating experience, but often the solutions are minor physical adjustments or a slight change in the way we think about recording such a complex set of instruments.

I can teach the entire process from the ground-up, help you with specific areas you wish to know more about, or troubleshoot problems you may be having with your recording or production methods.


Please get in touch to discuss your requirements for tuition


tel: 07970 644515